KVM Switch Direct

Adder Technology

AdderView GEM AVG2 (2 Port) and AVG4 (4 port) KVM Switch

Adderview GEMThe AdderView GEM is a fully featured desktop KVM switch that is easy to install and operate. Available as a 2 port AVG2 and 4 Port AVG4, It inherits many of the features you expect from Adder Technology yet at a remarkable price achieved by manufacturing the product in the far east.

Designed for ease of use and maximum compatibility with new and existing computer systems GEM features SmartBoot, which intelligently allows all connected portable or desktop computers to boot as if they had their own dedicated keyboards and mice attached.

It also supports PC/AT and PS/2 systems and provides high video bandwidth with low distortion at screen resolutions up to 1900 x 1440. This makes the GEM the ideal choice for use with larger monitors in CAD or DTP environments. The latest monitors equipped with DDC interfaces are also supported and this facilitates true "Plug-and-Play" compatibility.


  • Self powered operation.
  • 1900x1440 video resolution.
  • Password protection.
  • Port selection via via hot-key, mouse, front panel key or RS232
  • DDC Support.
  • Supports Windows 3.X, 95, 98, NT4, 2000, DOS, UNIX, OS/2 and other common operating systems
  • Hardware compatible with desktop and laptop PCs, RS6000, SGI and DEC Alphas
  • Cascadeable to support more than 4 PCs
  • SmartBoot featureallows simultaneous bootup of all computers
  • Screen blanking (screen saver).
  • Mouse hot plug.
  • Supports optional remote control module RC1
  • Flash upgradeable


2 x 15 way HD D Female for CPU video (DDC/Blue)
2 x 6 way mini DIN Female for CPU keyboard (Violet)
2 x 6 way mini DIN Female for CPU mouse (Green)

4 x 15 way HD D Female for CPU video (DDC/Blue) 4 x 6 way mini DIN Female for CPU keyboard (Violet) 4 x 6 way mini DIN Female for CPU mouse (Green)

Both models

1 x 6 way mini DIN Female for shared keyboard (Violet)
1 x 6 way mini DIN Female for shared mouse (Green)
1 x 15 way HD D Female for shared monitor (DDC/Blue)
1 x 15 way standard D Female for FLASH upgrade andRC1 remote, RS232 control and synchronisation
1 x 5V dc power inlet for optional 500mA external PSU
1 x Option switch (underside)

CPU video/monitor ports
A monitor can be plugged straight into the monitor port. Supports VGA/SVGA/XGA/XGA-2/SXGA/UXGA video.
VESA DDC1 and DDC2 signalling supported. Screen resolution of up to 1900 x 1440. Screensaver feature support.

Keyboard ports
Supports AT and PS/2 keyboards automatically. PS/2 keyboards plug in directly and keyboards with AT style 5 pin DIN plugs require an adaptor. Automatic mode emulation ensures that the keyboard is correctly programmed to the state expected by the CPU whenever the channel is changed.Type 1, 2 and 3 keyboards are supported.



Multiple video head operation
Multiple GEMS may be linked together via the options ports to provide synchronised switching for multiple videohead applications.

User-selectable to prevent unauthorised access to connected CPUs.The password is safely stored in the unit's EEPROM memory.

User Flash upgradeable firmware by downloading from a PC's serial port.

Metal case 230 x 50 x 170 mm with plastic front display panel.

Interface powered operation. Optional 5Vdc, 500mA PSU available.

Complies with European EMC directive 89/336/EEC. CE marked and FCC class A compliant.

Order code

AVG2 - Single keyboard, monitor and mouse to 2 computers.
AVG4 - Single keyboard, monitor and mouse to 4 computers.

Mouse ports
A PS/2 type Logitech or Microsoft compatible mouse is required to control the switch. Use of a 3 button mouse also allows channel switching. Many Internet wheel/scroll mice including Scrollpoint and Explorer are also supported. Prompt and stream modes supported for maximum portable and desktop mouse compatibility. All mouse connections from the GEM to PCs support both serial RS232 and PS/2 mice in any combination.

Maximum distance
2m if interface-powered or 10m if PSU used when attached keyboard, monitor and mouse.
5m if interface-powered or 30m if PSU used when attached to CPU or cascaded GEM.

Front panel key and display
Used for selecting channels and entering configuration mode. Display shows selected CPU, data activity from keyboard or mouse and switch status.

Adjustable to display only active ports or all ports in sequence.

AVG2 - 1 shared keyboard, monitor and mouse to 2 CPUs
AVG4 - 1 shared keyboard, monitor and mouse to 4 CPUs