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Quad Screen LCD Drawer

Quad Screen LCD Drawer
This 1U range of 17 and 19 inch Quad Displays are for use in CCTV security and industrial control applications. They allow users to display, record and monitor signals from four different computers or video sources simultaneously on a single screen. LCD 4:3 format with a resolution of 1024 X 625

The quad display features full screen sequential switching, on screen TIME, TITLE display for each channel and an on screen set-up menu. Alarm detection for sensor contact and video loss in camera as well as freeze of the last picture before video loss.

Quad Display Drawer models are 19 inch rackmount with an IEC mains input. DC power options include 12V, 24V and 48V DC.

For a Product manual covering the RP-817QD, RP-919QD, RP-1020QD, RP-117QD, RP-119QD & RP-120QD Click here

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