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OmniView™ Quad-Bus Series KVM Switches with Micro-Cabling Technology

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Quad-Bus Technology
Multiple Switches can be daisy-chained together to allow you to expand up to a maximum of four consoles to simultaneously control up to 256 computers.

Integrated Dual-Console Support (Available on 2x8 and 2x16 models only) You can connect two consoles to simultaneously control up to 256 computers.

IntelliView Graphical On-Screen Display (OSD) with Mouse Support The intelliView OSD feature simplifies server management by allowing you to assign individual names to each connected server throughout the system. You can also create groups of computers, which you can use to organize your computers. The OSD provides a visual means of switching between computers, checking computer connection status; offers multilevel security; and sets the time interval for the AutoScan function.

PS/2 & USB Mix-and-Match Keyboard The Switch enables you to use either USB- or PS/2-type keyboards and mice to control computers. Servers can be attached via either the computer’s USB or PS/2 interfaces by using the custom ENTERPRISE Quad-Bus Series KVM Dual-Port Cables.

AutoUpdate™ The exclusive AutoUpdate system from Belkin and flash-upgradeable firmware allows you to obtain the latest firmware upgrades for your Switch. This allows you to maintain consistent compatibility with the latest devices and computers. Firmware updates are free for the life of your Switch. Please visit us at belkin.com for complete update information and support.

Video Resolution The Switch has 400MHz of video bandwidth, which supports video resolutions of up to 2048x1536@85Hz.

Hot Keys Hot key functionality allows you to select a desired port using designated key commands. By using a simple hot key sequence on your keyboard, selecting one computer from as many as 256 computers is instantaneous.

Reprogrammable Hot Key Initiator Sequence The Switch allows you to select up to six alternate keys to initiate hot key commands; this creates compatibility with keyboards that either do not feature identical keys or that may have programmed the identical keys to perform other functions. These settings can be configured through the IntelliView OSD. For more information, refer to the manual on pages 22 and 23.

AutoScan The AutoScan feature allows you to set your Switch to scan and monitor the activities of all connected computers, one by one. The time interval allotted for each computer can be defined or adjusted through the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu.


Direct-Access Port Selectors These buttons, conveniently located on the front face of the Switch, allow for simple, manual port selection.

LED Display An LED display on the front of the Switch serves as a status monitor. An LED above each direct-access port selector lights to indicate which console currently controls the corresponding computer. LEDs are color-coded to simplify the identification of each console.

Seven-Segment LED Display In standalone mode, the seven-segment LEDs indicate the port that has been selected for each console. When daisy-chaining multiple Switches together, the seven-segment LED display indicates the BANK number. During the computer selection process, the seven-segment LEDs will briefly indicate the BANK that is being selected; this allows the user to select any computer directly from the front panel.

High-Density Computer Ports The Switch features high-density, 50-pin, SCSI 2 connectors. These connectors allow your ENTERPRISE Quad-Bus Series KVM Switch to fit into a 1U height rack-mount case.

Micro-Cabling Technology With a 60% reduction in size, this cabling technology offers easy cable management. Supporting high video resolutions of up to 2048x1536@85Hz, these cables are offered in both PS/2 and USB styles.


  • Dual-console* support, expandable to up to 4 consoles
  • IntelliView Advanced Graphical On-Screen Display
  • PS/2 and USB mix-and-match keyboard & mouse support
  • Multilevel security feature
  • USB flash-upgradeable
  • Dedicated daisy-chain ports
  • High video-resolution support (400MHz: up to 2048x1536@85Hz)
  • Computer naming & group naming
  • Server connection diagnostics
  • Intuitive port indicators
  • Direct-access port selectors
  • Belkin 5-Year Warranty
  • Dual-port, micro-construct KVM cables (sold separately)

*Available on 2x8 and 2x16 models only


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