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Fujitsu Over IP

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NC14008-B027RS R: Fujitsu FX3001SR IP Serial Console switch
Fujitsu FX3001SR IP Serial Console switch

Fujitsu's SERVIS™ IP-serial console switch allows you to send and receive serial signals from anywhere in the world.

Using a Character User Interface, the new FX-3001SR series provides one administrator and up to four registered users with secure access to remote servers and serial-base peripherals through a local or remote IP network using a 10/100-Base-TX or serial connection. Applications include headless servers, routers, LAN switches, process controls, scanners and power supply management in various industries such as enterprises, medical and healthcare facilities, industrial factories and retail establishments.

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NC14008-B032RS R: Fujitsu FX-7001NP SERVIS TM IP KVM Switch
Fujitsu FX-7001NP SERVIS TM IP KVM Switch

IP KVM switch allows you to remotely control servers through Internet access in the same way that you would do if your keyboard, screen and mouse would be directly connected to the server. You can reboot, access the BIOS, and even install new software through Fujitsu's IP KVM switch. It is the key to remotely maintain a mission critical server.

  • Enables remote management from anywhere in the world over IP
  • Additional local console connection provided
  • Operation by JAVA applet on the web browser
  • NO OS or browser restriction
  • High quality video up to UXGA (1600x1200)
  • Modified key layouts are prepared in English, Japanese, German and Korean and unique keys for SUN operations are selectable in the virtual key window
  • Virtual Floppy Disk and RAM Disk: An area recognized as a 1.44 Mbytes Floppy Disk or 8M bytes RAM Disk by the Host Computer is created in the internal memory of this product. This enables data exchanges between the remote console and the host.
  • Virtual CD-ROM: When an image file server (http) which is located on the network to which this product is connected, it enables the host computer to recognize the ISO image file stored in it as a virtual CD-ROM. This allow's control of application version updates and reinstallation of OS from the remote console.
  • Communication with remote console via SSL encryption
  • Very easy to install and operate
  • RoHS compliant

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KVM Switch Direct | Fujitsu KVM |  Fujitsu Over IP


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