• All of the ports on this device support PS/2 interface, USB interface and Sun serial interface - simply choose the cables to match the environment you are using.
  • With a single switch device, you can attach up to four, eight, or 16 hosts. (By using four, eight, or
    16 port switch devices.) It is possible to attach more hosts by using cascaded connections.
  • Example: By using nine devices, each with eight ports, it is possible to hook up 64 hosts.
  • The switch device can be stored in a 19 inch EIAJ standard rack cabinet in a space that is just
    1U high. (8 and 16 port switch devices)
  • The console panel and the rear panel can be removed when putting together the rack cabinet
    making it easier to connect hosts in the small area in the cabinet.
  • There is a power and voltage monitoring circuit built in to the device to let you know if the AC
    cord becomes disconnected or the internal fuse blows.
  • Both PS/2 and Sun keyboards are supported. Both PS/2 and Sun mice are supported. The following PS/2 mice are supported; 2/3 button mice, each type of wheel mice (Microsoft IntelliMouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer, Logitech/Logicool MouseMan Wheel and others) as well as IBM Scroll Point Mouse, Fujitsu FID677 (Multi-scroll mouse).
  • A monitor resolutions of 1600 x 1200 and a refresh rate of 75 Hz are supported.
  • Host selection is easy with the Host Selector Button, the OSD display (Hot Key Mode) or the
  • In Hot Key Mode, you can switch hosts while looking at the OSD screen (using the on screen
    display). OSD control can be done with Hot Keys from the keyboard. You can set three different types of
    Hot Key (Ctrl+Alt+Shift, Ctrl x2, and Scroll Lock x2). This allows you to avoid key conflict
    problems when applications use the same key as Hot Keys for a more effective way to use Hot
  • Auto scan can be done with the Auto Scan Button or the Hot Keys. Auto scan automatically cycles through all of the connected hosts that are currently running,
    allowing the operating status of each host to be periodically checked. The speed at which auto scan cycles can be controlled by using the keyboard to select one of the six available switching intervals (3 – 60 seconds).
  • When using Sun hosts, the KVM switch can switch KVMs without turning off the power to the


Cascadeable8 Units per KVM with up to 8 Slave KVMs providing support for up to 64 servers.
CPU ports8 x SERVIS HD15 female

Console ports

PS/2 6 pin Mini DIN Female (Purple)
PS/2 6 pin Mini DIN Female (Green)
SUN Serial 8 pin Mini DIN Female (Black)
HD15 Female (Blue)

Monitor Plug & PlayVESA DDC2 compatible
Screen resolution

1600 x 1200 (Max) 75 Hz

Current consumption


Operating temperature0 - 40 degrees celcius
Storage temperature -20 - +60 degrees celsius
Dimensions (H X W X D)42 mm x 427 mm x 200 mm
Weight2.8 Kg
Construction Painted (Black) metal case
Included Accessories User’s Manual (x 1)
2.0m AC Cable (x 1)
19-inch Rackmount Holder
(Large x 1 / Small x 1 + Fastening Screws)