Newlink micro PS/2 KVM switch with integrated cables
Managing two computers has never been this easy! this is the latest and the smallest 2-port KVM switch ever developed. Manufactured by Rextron and re-branded as Newlink. Embedded with two high-quality mini-coaxial cables, this tiny KVM switch is your best companion while accessing two computers. Connecting the two cables from the Newlink to the keyboard, mouse and monitor ports of your computers is all it takes! Once done, you get all the conveniences of controlling your computers with only one PS/2 keyboard, mouse and monitor. Its true plug-and-play design, ease-of-use and ultra reliability make it an excellent choice for users of all kinds. Features + Ultra compact in size with cables already mounted on the switch +Plugging the cables to computers is all it takes +A unique loop to secure the switch on your desktop or computer +Computer selection by easy hotkey commands +Hot plug-and-play ensures easy setup and installation +LEDs for easy computer selection indicators +Advanced video enhancement technology for crisp clear VGA quality up to 1920 x 1440 with DDC2B +Sync-EmuTM technology guarantees flawless computer switching and trouble-free PC boot up