Raritan SwitchMan USB

General Description

Raritan's SwitchMan USB allows control of up to 4 USB computers from a single USB keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) console. SwitchMan's built-in USB hub allows multiple computers to share USB supported devices such as scanners, digital cameras, printers, CD ROMs and PDAs. Its audio capability lets you share a single microphone and stereo speakers regardless of which computer you connect to.

SwitchMan's small footprint saves valuable desk space and color-coded connectors and premium cables make installation easy. There is no complicated setup or software to load, just plug in a standard USB keyboard, USB mouse and VGA monitor and you are up and running. SwitchMan USB supports both PCs and/or Apple Macs®, with connectivity via Raritan's premium KVM cables for the highest video and audio quality.

SwitchMan USB is available in 2 and 4 port models and can be mounted horizontally or vertically on your desktop. SwitchMan USB has the same bulletproof reliability as the Raritan enterprise-class products used in over 50,000 data centers worldwide.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy switching between computers with a push button or hot keys.
  • Hot Swap feature allows adding or changing devices without the need to power down your PC.
  • Built-in microphone and speaker jacks for high quality multi-media.
  • Hot key and auto-scan enables health monitoring of connected computers.
  • LED displays for easy status monitoring.
  • Connects to standard PS/2®ports with any PS/2 to USB adapter (not included).
  • Works with Windows®9x/NT/2000/ME/XP, Mac (including OS X), Linux®, NetWare5.0
  • Works with USB supported peripheral devices and keyboard/mouse with USB connectors.
  • Supports VGA, SVGA and Multisync monitors with resolution up to 2048 x 1536 @ 85Hz
  • Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse®3 ~ 5 Key Mouse and Microsoft Natural®keyboard pro-series
  • Can draw electric power from connected PCs or via external power supply (included).


Computer connectionVGA Monitor: Mini HD15 F
USB (kb + ms): USB Type B
Monitor: HDDB 15 Pin Male
Speaker: Phone Jack, 3.5mm (green)
Microphone: Phone Jack, 3.5mm (pink)
Console connectionVGA Monitor: HD 15 F
USB Keyboard: USB Type A
USB Mouse: USB Type A
Microphone: Phone Jack, 3.5mm (pink)
Speaker: Phone Jack, 3.5mm (green)
Flash Upgrade: Mini Din 8 pin (F); Cable: Mini Din 8 (M) to DB9 (F)
Power consumption5v / 2.5A
Dimensions (mm)

(SW2-USB, 2-Port Model)
Physical: 7.24" (W) x 4.84" (D) x 1.73" (H); (184mm x 123mm x 45mm)
Weight: 1.58 lbs / 0.72 kg

(SW4-USB, 4-Port Model)
Physical: 9.25" (W) x 5.54" (D) x 1.73" (H); (235mm x 142mm x 45mm)


2 port model - 0.72 kg
4 port model - 1.05 kg