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ADDERLink ALPV154T Digital Signage 4 way transmitter unit

The AdderLink LPV range has been designed to deliver stunning results at an attractive price, making it the perfect introduction to professional digital signage. The AdderLink LPV digital signage extender is possibly the easiest to install point to point extender available today. In addition to its simplicity, the LPV154T delivers fantastic video up to 150m away to 4 screens (or 8 when cascaded with a second unit)

AllerLink ALPV154T

4-way transmitter for point-to-multipoint

The ALPV154T is able to take the same HD input and send it to 4 different screens connected via the ALPV150R receivers. There is a feed through port on the unit to allow a local display or you can cascade another ALAV154T so you can supply 8 screens.

Advanced EDID cloning

The ADDERLink LPV enables the user to clone the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) from a display or use a default EDID. This approach enables the widest possible compatibility whilst also providing a plug and play experience for most applications.

On/off control via RS232

The LPV154T unit is fitted with a serial port that enables you to remotely switch video on and off. This feature provides a simple way of switching remote screens on and off as most will go into standby when the video signal is removed.


Adderlink LPV154T




Video sharpness adjustment 

The remote module has a video adjustment screw to control picture sharpness on the display screen.

Absolute simplicity 

Getting into professional digital signage has never been so easy. Simply plug the transmitter's VGA port into your computer and plug in the USB port, then plug the receiver unit into your screen. Finally, connect the two units together with a length of CATx cable, and you're finished. Now start delivering your message to customers, clients, staff or whoever you wish.

Rack mountable

The LPV154T units are rack mountable at high density using the AdderLink rack mount chassis.