KVM Switch Direct


Aten Master View CS82A (2 Port) & CS84A (4 Port) KVM Switch

This robust switch is available in 2 port (CS82A) and 4 port (CS84A) varients. They both represent excellent value for money as they are simple self powered units that have proved extremely reliable.

Specifications CS82
Scan interval: 3,5,10 & 20 seconds Operating temperature:0-50°C Humidity: 0-80% RH Non condensing Housing: metal Weight: 420g Power consumption: 1.08W Dimensions: 140x87x55 cm
Specifications CS84A
Scan interval: 5 seconds Operating temperature: 0-50°C Humidity: 0-80% RH Non condensing Housing: metal, Weight: 640g Power consumption: 1.17W Dimensions: 210x87x55 cm

  • Supports Microsoft Intellimouse and the scrolling wheel on most mice
  • Keyboard and mouse emulation for error free PC booting
  • Easy to install - No software required
  • Easy to operate - PC selection via push button switches or hotkeys - Autoscan function to monitor PC operation
  • LED display for easy status monitoring
  • Hot Pluggable
  • Compatible with all Operating Platforms
  • Caps lock, Num Lock, and scroll lock states are saved and restored when switching
  • Superior Video Quality - Up to 1920x1440; DDC2B
  • Compact sturdy metal housing
  • Logical connector layout
  • Follows PC99 colour specifications
  • Supports Windows 7 as well as all the other usual OSs
  • Self powered (from attached computer)