KVM Switch Direct


CS1004, CS1008 and CS1016 Master View KVM switch with OSD and audio

This switch has an on screen display and supports microphone and speakers.


Front view of the CS1004

CS1004 KVM Switch is designed according to the needs of server rooms of larger scale. It effectively applies the DB-25 interface to allow operators to reduce cable derangements and enhances signal quality and operation efficiency. CS1004 supports OSD (On Screen Display) menu function to facilitate operators to switch between computers. It also supports microphone and amplifier functions.

CS1004 series usage

Usage of the CS1004, CS1008 and CS1016


  • Special ASIC technology - enhances compatibility and reliability.
  • Daisy chain up to 31 additional units - control up to 128 computers from a single console.
  • No software required - computer selection via front panel buttons, hotkey or On Screen Display (OSD).
  • Broadcast function - used to install software on multiple computer systems or shut them all down.
  • PS/2 and serial mouse emulation provided for system bootup.
  • Console's PS/2 mouse controls all connected computers - even those with serial Mice.
  • Support Microsoft Intellimouse Pro, Logitech FirstMouse and MouseMan.
  • Rack mountable in a 19" system rack.
  • Audio support built in.
  • Superior video quality: up to 1920 x 1440; DDC2B
  • Multiplatform support: DOS, Windows 2003/2000//XP/98/ME/NT and Linux.

Additional products in series

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CS1008 Aten Master View Pro 8port KVM switch with OSD and audio
CS1016 Aten Master View Pro 16port KVM switch with OSD and audio