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UltraMatrix 2xE system offers the latest in KVM switch technology with the ability to connect 2 users (non-blocking)to as many as 1,000 computers.

UltraMatrix 2xE KVM switches are available in several models. They have fixed port configurations and plug-in expansion cards. The 2x4, 2x8, and 2x16 units connect 2 users with 4, 8KVM Switch series Ultramatrix 2xE, or 16 computers. The 1x8 and 1x16 units add access to 8 or 16 more computers and add another user port at each switch. These extra user ports can be used for local access or as redundant access. With the optional expansion cards, the 2xE switches are connected together so two users can have non-blocking access to as many as 1000 computers.

Cables Rose's UltraCable streamlines the cable connections to UltraMatrix, simplifying cable management and improving system reliability. Order the computer or user cable by the computer's keyboard, monitor, and mouse connector style and desired length. We stock a large variety of cable types in lengths up to 100 feet. Expansion cables are ordered by length and are usually connected in a bus. You need one cable for each switch you want to add.

Installation UltraMatrix is easy to install. You simply connect your computers and keyboards, monitors, and mice to the UltraMatrix ports using the UltraCable. Configure each switch's address and connect the switches together with the expansion cable. Access the on-screen display from the Advanced Visual Interface (AVI), configure settings such as computer names and security, and save it in flash memory. You'll be impressed by the simplicity and appearance of the AVI. Since the switches are networked together, configuring one switch configures them all.

Operation You can tailor the UltraMatrix to suit your style of operation by configuring the level of security that you desire. You can either auto-assign security settings to KVM stations or require users to log into the switch with a user ID and password. The user profile then grants access rights to designated computers and controls other characteristics. Use simple keyboard commands to access computers and system status. The Advanced Visual Interface gives helpful messages to indicate the status of all connections. To allow maximum versatility, users can connect in four different modes: view, share, control, and private. Each card also has a serial port if you wish to control the connection of any user station to any computer by the serial data link of another computer.

Keyboard and Mouse UltraMatrix fully emulates the keyboard and mouse, so computers can be booted at any time. It supports all operating systems such as Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux, Sun Solaris/Open Windows, Apple, and Unix workstations. Keyboard and mouse can be PC or Sun. Five types of computer mice are directly supported including wheel mice. USB and Apple are supported with inexpensive external converters.

Flash Memory To support the latest devices, UltraMatrix contains flash memory. We provide free lifetime firmware upgrades, available from our FTP site. Load new firmware into the UltraMatrix to add new features or support new equipment.

Advanced Visual Interface UltraMatrix excels with its Advanced Visual Interface (AVI) on-screen display technology. The interface is intuitive since it uses pop-up boxes to make selections. Help lines are shown for each item to make the interface even more user-friendly. The interface can be programmed for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, or Portugese. You can easily configure the computer names, security, appearance, screen saver and many other features with ease and style. Use the AVI to connect to computers by name, see connection status, and observe system status in real time.

Rose UltraMatrix 2xE model EE2-2x8U/E - rear view

Rear view of UltraMatrix2xE, model No. EE2-2x8U/E

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful and expandable, yet low cost
  • Modular design makes units simple to install, expand, and maintain
  • Security system with user ID, password, and profile prevents unauthorized configuration and access
  • Uses UltraCable™ for superior cable management with lengths of up to 100 feet
  • Video resolution up to 1600 x 1280
  • Advanced Visual Interface (AVI) on-screen display informs you of connection status with user friendly messages
  • Multi-lingual AVI - English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
  • Status screen shows inter-box communication, connections, computer power, and other information
  • Pre-configuration feature allows installation without powering down servers n Connect more than 2 users by adding local KVM stations at each switch
  • Flash memory with free lifetime upgrade of firmware keeps compatibility with latest devices

Part Numbers

EP2-2X4U PC 2xE switch for 2 users and 4 computers
EP2-2X8U PC 2xE switch for 2 users and 8 computers
EP2-2X16U PC 2xE switch for 2 users and 16 computers
EE2-2X4U Multi-platform 2xE switch for 2 users and 4 computers
EE2-2X8U Multi-platform 2xE switch for 2 users and 8 computers
EE2-2X16U Multi-platform 2xE switch for 2 users and 16 computers


Following models are usually used as expansion units


EP2-1X8U PC 2xE switch for 1 user and 8 computers
EP2-1X16U PC 2xE switch for 1 user and 16 computers
EE2-1X8U Multi-platform 2xE switch for 1 user and 8 computers
EE2-1X16U Multi-platform 2xE switch for 1 user and 16 computers
UMX-EXP2 Plug-in card for expansion, add /E to part number above when pre-installed
RM-UBnn 4/8 port rack mount kit, n= 19, 23, or 24 inch
RM-UCnn 16 port rack mount kit, n= 19, 23, or 24 inch