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Rose Electronics Ltd

Vista™ Mini

Rose Vista layout

Control 2 computers with one keyboard, mouse, and monitor using simple push button or 'Hot Key' switching

The front panel has a reset switch, status and power LEDs, select LEDs and Select button.

Power is provided by the Computer, so there is no need for an external power supply

Rose Vista


  • High video resolution up to 2400 x 2000
  • Port options (see below)
  • Full Stereo Audio support
  • Full Keyboard and Mouse emulation, computers can be booted at any time, computers can have either PS2 or serial mouse ports,
  • Keyboard State maintained Keyboard Num Lock,
  • Caps lock and scroll lock states are automatically saved and restored when switching among CPU's
  • Supports all brands of wheel mice
  • Small size 11cm x 8.3cm x 2.1cm One-year warranty.