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Adder Smartview DVI Multiscreen

The SmartView Multiscreen DVI is an advanced KVM switch that enables two or four computers to be controlled by a shared keyboard, mouse and DVI (Digital Visual Interface) display system. Each computer may supply two or four DVI signals and the display system may consist of up to four separate DVI monitors or a single very high resolution DVI display being fed by several DVI signals.

AdderView DVI Multiscreen

SVMS4DVI-Quad keyboard, mouse and 4 monitors to control 4 computers.
SVMS4DVI-Dual keyboard, mouse and 2 monitors to control 4 computers.
SVMS2DVI-Quad keyboard, mouse and 4 monitors to control 2 computers.
SVMS2DVI-Dual keyboard, mouse and 2 monitors to control 2 computers.

By supporting the Digital Video Interface the Multiscreen DVI ensures pixel perfect display accuracy and superb quality crystal clear video pictures. The ability to drive multiple monitors or feed multiple DVI links to very high resolution monitors makes the Multiscreen DVI suitable for a wide range of diverse applications from banking and security to geographic mapping and medical imaging.

The SmartView Multiscreen supports standard PC style (PS/2) keyboard and mouse connections. Adder's CCUSB and CCSUN cables may be used to connect the switch to computers with USB or Sun (8 pin round) keyboard and mouse connectors. Sharing many features with the ever popular Gem range, the Multiscreen DVI is loaded with advanced keyboard and mouse support and is flash upgradeable for future compatibility.


The Multiscreen DVI may be synchronised with other Adder analogue, DVI and Multiscreen products to support applications that require synchronous switching of large numbers of video channels. Multiscreen DVI models are available with two or four ports and two or four video heads to support most common applications

Key Benefits:

  • Exact pixel to pixel digital video transfer
  • Supports maximum DVI bandwidth and 1600x1200 pixels per DVI link
  • Multiple DVI links may be fed to a single monitor to support resolutions up to 3200 x 2400 x 60 Hz
  • Supports all common operating systems
  • Channel selection via hot keys, mouse, front panel key, RS232 or optional remote control
  • Flash upgradeability ensures future upgrade path
  • May be synchronised with other Adder analogue, DVI and Multiscreen products for advanced switching requirements
  • 2 and 4 port models with 2 or 4 video heads available
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